Custom-made steel nails and steel pins

In our manufactory, we also manufacture small quantities of special nails beyond the standard goods:

Special productions of steel nails and steel pins are possible in all shapes, according to drawings or CAD data sets, whereby the dimensions are generally limited to the following dimensions:

  • Shank diameter (wire thickness) up to 3.4 mm
  • Nail, pen or hook length up to 80 mm
  • Surface: galvanized, nickel-plated, copper-plated, bright and blued

The head shape and tip of the pins and nails can be customized to your needs. Thanks to our own tool production, we are able to act quickly, flexibly and, above all, cost-effectively.

Bolts, double tips, pins, wiring harness pins, spikes, claw nails, rack pins, pile electrode, electron nails,…

Please use our contact form for your inquiry or simply give us a call. We are happy to exchange ideas and wishes on the phone.

Stahlnagel mit Senkkopf und Spitze
Stahlnagel mit kleinem Flachkopf und Spitze
Stahlnagel mit Linsenkopf und Spitze
Stahlnagel mit Kegelkopf und Spitze
Stahlstift mit Doppelspitze
Stahlnagel mit langem Kopf
Stahlnagel mit Flachkopf und Spitze
Stahlnagel mit rundem Kopf und Spitze
Stahlstift ohne Spitzen